Strong location
in Rhein-Main

Short distances from your doorstep to the city centre or the whole world

Throughout time, Frankfurt am Main has remained an urban centre. It is a financial centre, European city, transhipment centre and also the smallest cosmopolitan city in the world, which makes life in Frankfurt particularly comfortable. Amenities are extensive and distances short. Cosmopolitan flair and comfort are often closely linked. The city boasts numerous city centre parks, the river and extensive recreational facilities, all of which contribute to a high quality of life.
Public transport links are excellent, and the high number of multi-storey car parks and underground garages throughout the city means that there is sufficient parking provision for cars. The airport is 20 minutes away by car, the main railway station is much closer: 5 minutes’ drive, 8 minutes’ cycle ride and 4 tram stops away.

Central location,
well connected

Fast in all directions

By bike, you are on the Main, at the Alte Oper, in the Westend, at the exhibition centre or university within 10 minutes. The Commerzbank-Arena is 15 minutes’ away. Seven minutes’ walk away from Weilburger Strasse is Galluswarte, a public transport hub with metro station (S-Bahn) and tram stop. Frankfurt Airport is less than 30 minutes public transport away.

Property address

Schwalbacher Strasse /
Weilburger Strasse
60326 Frankfurt

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At the centre
of urban life

Impressions of the nearby surrounding area:
here, everyone can find their own comfort zone, enjoying the life they want to lead. Gallus is urban, engaging and alluring.
In its diversity, it offers its residents boundless choices in terms of their daily lives:
restaurants, green space, art, a wide variety of events and shops. From smart designer bars to cosy corner pubs, from small retail stores to large supermarkets:
there is always something new to be discovered in Gallus and always nearby.
Here, it is possible to enjoy all of the advantages of a major city.

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Smiles for the whole family

Gallus has everything for families.



A children’s daycare centre and nursery opens its doors for the little ones just next door. There are also plenty of other childcare facilities in the area.


Wide range of sports

SG 1928 e.V. offers a variety of sports including karate training for children and adults, and gymnastics. Its football division includes a number of teams. The alteration of the Ackermannwiese sports facilities used by the club is currently in full swing. Children can also play football from the age of four in the FFV Sportfreunde e.V. 1994, another sports club in Gallus. Adults looking to improve their fitness using Pilates, yoga and spinal exercises are well catered for by the courses offered by Bewegungsimpulse e.V.


District Library

The district library in Gallus, in Idsteiner Strasse 65, lends books in the traditional manner. Its offer of books, newspapers and magazines, audio books, music CDs / DVDs, games and reference books is directed at children, young people and adults alike.